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VPharma-CareSkin-75ml   VPharma-CareSkin-75ml

The optimal skin protection
  • Care Skin® med does not sit on the skin but instead forms in the skin (stratum corneum) a highly effective protective shield. 
  • It does not smear and is not greasy. 
  • It is invisible and does not impair sense of touch or transpiration and lets the skin breathe. 
  • Long-lasting protection for over 4 hours even if the skin is washed several times with soap, water or disinfectant. 
  • Care Skin® med need not be removed and dissolves on its own. 

Care Skin®  med should be be used when it is necessary to prevent damage to the skin caused by:

  • Increasing usage of chemicals in the workplace, during leisure activities 
  • Cumulation of damage from environmental factors

Advantages of a good skin protector

Protection against alkalis, acids, organic solvents and contact allergens. Protection against discolouration of the skin caused by keratin-binding colorants and lubricants.

No toxic, contact allergenic and photodynamic properties. No occlusion or pseudoocclusion. No impairment of sensation of touch.

Does not dissolve into the toxin, is water resistant, adheres well to skin over several hours. Easily removed.

No resorption even when used over longer periods.

Does not soil working equipment, does not rub off.
No chemical interactions.